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Misc Plastic Molded Products
Misc Products
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Welcome to our business site!

We are Indonesia base company, that do in plastic molded products in plastic injection line.
Our products use plastic material, eg. polyethelene, polysterene,polypropelene, polyvinyl chloride, ABS, Nylon.
Have a small mold workshop that support our customer inquiry. Processing from design and prototyping till the result.

Since 1980, we concentrate in bicycle's plastic part for bicycle's assembly industry.
So, we are very specialize in handlegrip, reflector, some bicycle's plastic molded custom design.
And now, we do also in Bali/Indonesia art,craft, deco, food, jewelry and more.....just click at "misc products".
Any query, do not hesitate to email us,
Thank you for your visiting in our simple homepage.
SAJ Co.Management