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Misc Products

Misc Plastic Molded Products
Misc Products
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Below is some misc. products from Bali / Indonesia, we can do all of Bali /Indonesia custom products.

Bali Sarong

Bali beachwear sarong, made from rayon fabric w/ fringers, use as beachwear fashionware, many style and design

Rhizome Art

Rhizome Art, it's a handmade carving w/ very unique media, use a bamboo's rhizome.


Bali animal art carving, various animal wooden handmade carving, also can do any custom inquiry

Blackjelly Extract powder

Healthy cocktail instant drink, made from mesona pellutris, known as chin chow - cin cau- black jelly, now we do in extract powder.

Arogya HIGH ANTIOXIDANT herbal powder


Indoor polyresin fountain, hear the water sound, made your home more beautiful.

Wooden natural art carving

Wooden Teakwood carving, do in wooden handmade art carving, use unique old teakwood root, mostly 50 yrs up.

Baby Dino

Baby's replica dinosaurus in polyresin

Unique stone

Marble and onyx art, base on Tulungagung, well known marble and onyx industry

Borneo art craft

Borneo art and craft, it's a handmade products from Borneo, dayak's cano natural rubber art, wooden bark clothes

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