SAJ Co.(SumberAgungJaya Co.)
P Diponegoro 90, Tulungagung 66217, Indonesia
Tel. +62 355 321209 Fax. +62 355 322377
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We are an INDONESIA general trading & sourcing Indonesia product company, has newly established in 1998.
Our goods & products are naturally,ethnic,handmade,traditional, and Indonesia origin goods.
As a small and beginner in this business, we really appreciated if you could doing business with us.We'll priority to serve you in this business, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Our business
We have several Indonesian goods that has export quality as description below :
- Bicycle's plastic part mfg., eg.
handlegrip , reflector, misc. small plastic products
- Indonesian art-works , eg. hide painting , bamboo's root carving, wooden sculpture carving, gypsum casting , stone decoration.
- Indonesian CAKE DECORATION products, eg. handmade sugar flower and accessories.
- Indonesian traditional coloring glass cast
beaded jewelry .
canoe miniature and bark cloth
- Traditional GAMES & TOYS.
- Traditional
sarung batik and the realted beachwear items.
- Indonesian SEAWEEDS , eucheuma cottonii, eucheuma spinosum, etc.
- Wooden TEE GOLF & 
bag's golf .
- Die-casting products, eg. outdoor indoor
furniture , antique reproduction, home decoration, etc.
- Fabric MAT, with a various kind of size & model.
- ANIMAL FEED, dried sugarcane leaf (
cane top ).
Sandal footwear.
- Indonesian SNACK & NODDLE ( non branded).
- Any related INDONESIANS SOURCING items .

From all above, we still need your support & assist to improving our capability.

Please feel free to contact me,

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