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Black Jelly is an Indonesian ethnic (Javanese) beverage and dessert, made from the mesona palutris bl. plant, known as janggelan,cin cau, cao, chin chow (Chinese).

It's like another healthy jelly food, agar-agar, but different in the composition and the color.

Usually  Black Jelly available in market as solid jelly form, but we have been hardly experimental in about 5 years,to make it become more instantable, ready to serve,can keep in the long period and could consume anywhere without take it in the solid jelly form, so we made it into hygenic instant powder.

Generally, the gelatin is used as an ingredient in a refreshing drink. In fact, Black Jelly is very good for health because it is nutritious, also HIGH OXIDANT.

Besides, it contains high carbohydrate and some minerals such as phosphor and calcium, vitamins A, B1 and C.

It has low calories so it is very good for those who want to loose weight, so it's good for diet food.

Lately, it can take as a healthy supplement for ANTI CANCER, ANTI DIABETES, ANTI CHOLESTEROL.

Black Jelly is one choice nutrional dan healthy food beverage dessert for all family.





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